We want to help you, for free

Loola Studios is an agency committed to help deejays, artists and producers with their path to greatness. 

If you are serious about the music business, Loola Studios can give out free informations, consultancy and guide you through the next steps of your music career. 

How does that work?

We will ask you what kind of struggles did you have in your career, what you are looking forward to accomplish and will give you every bit of knowledge to help you moving forward to the next steps. 

  • Do you need a professional feedback on your next track? We will do custom reviews and feedback session for every track that you want FOR FREE.
  • Do you want to know how to create opportunity for your career and deejay in bigger clubs? We have a few tricks that we can share, FOR FREE.
  • Do you want to grow your brand as a deejay/producer/artist, but you are struggling with the marketing side of things? We can give you a custom plan to follow, FOR FREE

How can this be FREE?

As of now, we are growing more and more, and we would love to find motivated artists that cares about their careers. We would love to give away some of our time for free and maybe we will start to collaborate on some projects together.

The only thing we need you to do as a sort of “payment”, is to follow us on Spotify and Instagram, a procedure we made easy for you in just one click

All around services for deejays and producers

We are a group of professionals in the music business with a mission, we want to help artists to create their best music product possible and to grow their fanbase.